Our Programs

Kids fishing to learn life skills

Hooked on Fishing, Not Drugs

We take kids fishing and into nature.

Our Saturday fishing trips are a safe space where students are protected, fed and healed. Most of our students have never been to the ocean. Fishing teaches them patience, planning and communication. 

Swimming Lessons and Water Sports

Since 1994, we have connected thousands of youth to nature through swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and safe boating. 

They change their behavior outside of the program because they want to be a part of Mahogany Youth on the weekends. 

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Summer Camps

Through our partnership with the University of Florida, our students travel around the South East to learn about Marine Sciences.

Every year our students find mentors and inspiration from the world's best universities for environmental studies. 

Shark Tagging and Marine Sciences

The youth have participated in coral restoration, studying plankton, water quality activism, fish restoration, and invasive species research including freshwater animals and lionfish research.

STEM is at the heart of our programs. 

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Cleaning up the Everglades

Cleaning up events reinforce a lifelong connection with our local environemnt that improves communication, self-esteem, discipline and creates a feeling of responsibility to the community.

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